Therapy can Help with Grief and Loss

Grief is a reaction to loss that can encompass a range of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and is experienced differently by each person according to his or her culture, background, gender, beliefs, personality, and relationship to the deceased or loss of a loved one. Feelings common to grief are sadness and yearning. Guilt, regret, anger, and a sense of meaninglessness can also be present.

Family therapy will help each family member understand that there is no right or wrong way to grieve and everyone grieves differently. In our work with clients, we recognize and understand the deep pain of loss and the resulting grieving process. Grief counseling is about joining with the one who is hurting. No one person grieves in the same way. When we do grief therapy with the family, we work with each client to provide support and understanding as they move through the personal process of envisioning life without the loved one through death or the end of a relationship. Grief counseling is never about minimizing the loss you are experiencing, and it is never about minimizing you as a person. Even if you are still grieving over a loss many years ago, we will try and meet you where you are, and help guide you through the next step, towards a better life, moving through this time of pain and being able to find some joy in your life again.

Often times, people find it helpful to looks for ways to symbolize and create ways to positively remember their loved one and how this influence continues in life going forward. While the stages of grief are not easy, moving through them, rather than remaining stuck at a stage allows your life to continue to reflect your loved one. It is also an opportunity to address any unresolved areas of life that may be making the grieving process more difficult. It is our goal to help our client, find a sense of enjoyment and purpose in life that both honors the memory of what is lost, but also allows you to continue to invest in life and the relationships in your life.