Parenting Coaching

Children of separation and divorce benefit greatly when their parents are able to work together respectfully. Parents operating from different households frequently have difficulty getting beyond the conflict that ended their relationship to consult and make essential decisions on issues of health, education and the general well-being of their children. As a result, parenting decisions are often impacted by ongoing anger with or hurt by the other parent. Making sound parenting decisions requires the knowledge and ability to think about the child’s needs as more important than any feelings related to the separation or divorce.

The goal of parenting coaching, whether conducted individually or as a parental team is to:

Put the past behind and focus on the present and future of the child(ren)

  • Understand and master the businesslike language and nature of the co parenting relationship
  • Learn conflict management and negotiation skills
  • Learn self-regulation skills to reduce negative emotions and tension
  • Know the developmental stages of the child(ren) and how they are likely to be impacted by the separation/divorce as well as parenting decisions

Respecting the other parent and household, especially differences