Support and Recovery for Trauma, Abuse and PTSD

If you have experienced a traumatic event, recently or years ago, you may be struggling with upsetting emotions, frightening memories, or a sense of constant danger. Or you may feel numb, disconnected, and unable to trust other people. A traumatic event frightens or shocks us, endangers our long-term well-being, causes us to fear for our life, safety, or sanity, or causes deep emotional pain, confusion, or fear. Trauma probably affects most people at some point in our lives. However, sometimes trauma does lead to long-term difficulties. The painful or frightening event may be replayed in memories, daydreams, and nightmares. We may avoid situations or people that remind us of the trauma. We may be emotionally numb, depressed, or anxious. Because trauma can cause you to feel powerless, helpless, and unsafe, it often has a negative impact on all aspects of your life, including your work and relationships, as well as your physical and mental health. If you experience trauma, talking about it with a professional as soon as possible can help diminish the chances of lasting ill-effects.

Whether the event happened recently or years ago, with the proper treatment, self-help strategies, and support, you will begin to face and resolve these destructive feeling and memories. We use a variety of counseling techniques in our work with trauma and abuse. The goal is to help you resolve the emotionally painful traumas, as well as the negative thinking and behaviors that block you from feeling confident, empowered and fulfilled in your life.